An AfroPunk Newbie

Arriving with the B62 buss in Downtown Brooklyn this past Saturday, I took my way into Commodore Barry Park, where the music was already pumping. It was a lot to take in as a first-timer being there, but what first hit me was how mellow everyone was. The atmosphere was on top! People had set their hair free, and some had added colorful pinks or greens to their locks, with golden fishnet gears, mixed with African vibrant prints, awesome hair decorations created with scarfs, and the popular kimono, the festival fashion was all in its place, and the attending shifted between jumping to the beats of the performing artists, to shopping for recycled-, handmade- products, and creative designs, and some even got a pretend tattoo in silver or gold.


Andrea in the A. Bernadette booth. – It was my first time coming with A. Bernadette to a market, so it was a learning experience to see Andrea talking to the customers, telling them about our collaboration with the women in Uganda, Africa.


One of the four stages.


Golden tattoos.


A new kind of bow tie, created out of recycled comics and board games, my favorite was the Batman one, a true superhero fan bringing me back to childhood.


Some awesome fashion inspiration. Loved her glasses!


Colorful harem pants.


These beautiful ladies came all the way from Florida to show their artistic crowns and jewelries made out of a mix of gem stones, pearls, and copper wires.


– Angelica Skarenstedt