Dear Diary…

Dear Diary,

This the first day of the rest of my life. ha ha – Wait, wait… lets rewind. I can not start a post like that. I’m no longer 5 1/2 but more like 5 1/2 squared. Moving on…

Today is the FIRST day of my 2 month long summer break. I’ve got a long list of goals waiting to be crossed off. As I start off on this journey I wanted to take a moment and speak about motivation, perseverance, and STRUGGLE. How do you achieve these things when there is no person, other than yourself, pushing you to do so? How do you stay on track but more importantly feel good while following that track?


I’ve never lacked motivation. I believe there are two types of people those who can’t relax until their list of chores are done and those who can’t tackle those chores unless they have first relaxed. I am the former. In order to accomplish those chores first you need A LIST. On the train think of the first 3-5 things you are going to do once you want in the door. It might be pee, hug fam, and drink some water but have some sort of game plan and anticipate the vibe that you are walking into. Each morning I wake up, open up a google doc that I have had since Jan. 2013. I add the date and list out anything I want to get done. There is no organizing, numbering, or delegating. Just randomness that needs to get done in the next day, week, month, or year. Next, I do the HARD TASKS first. Get those out the way. Lastly, I CROSS THEM OUT when finished.

A&A Notes


Now you may be thinking… You are insane, you write a to do list everyday. Take a look at the dates… I think there is a bit of a gap there no? Life is a marathon, not a sprint. I do wake up most days ready to live life to the fullest but by noon… I’m pretty useless. I know the times I work best and I make the most of them. I also stop a smell the roses… a lot! Feeling guilty about not doing the work  is worst than simply ditching the work. Give yourself permission to slack off, at least you feel in control. Do an activity that isn’t directly helping you achieve your goals but nourishing your soul in another way. I may have to great 50 papers but I’m going to take the lunch break to walk around the park to clear my mind. I will not be sitting watching Youtube videos thinking just one more and I’ll grade a paper. Any action is better than in action.


The struggle is real… Its hard to comment on struggle now a days. So many have internal struggle that is hard to identify, others struggle with outside oppression. Our commonality.. EVERYONE STRUGGLES. Don’t ever think your problems are worst than others. You are doing yourself no service by being a victim in your own mind. Many people will say to surround yourself by positive people who lift you up and yes that is true. I also find great motivation by surrounding myself by those who have people. People I can help if only by listening. Listening to them puts my life in perspective and shows me so often the struggles I have are not struggles at all but just unrealized opportunities. With FOMO, and YOLO we can not simply surround ourselves by those who are “better” than us but surround ourselves by a well balanced group of people who share, love, and support at different levels and at different times.

Thats all she wrote.. Back to striking items off my list!



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