I’m EVERYTHING – DNA Testing Result are IN!

Do you follow us on Twitter? Or on Instagram? Have you seen pictures of my sister and I and asked… “What the HELL are they?” Well STOP cause your racist… just kidding. KINDA! Well the results are in and NOW we finally know whats in our blood and how unimportant it really is lol!

DNA Makeup

If you are confused by the chart above, its ok, so were we. We’ll go into more details below but long story short my mother was born in Brooklyn and my father in Puerto Rico. Both spent most of their upbringing in the lovely Staten Island. My mother knew she was German and Irish and well most Puerto Rican’s are a mystery to themselves.BreakdownHere is the percentages “exactly” of where we come from. If you are confused by the East Asian & Native American category this is lumped together because once upon a time the America’s were free of people and East Asians migrated over using the Beringia. The 1.6% unassigned is Alien, probably from Venus, but 23 and Me has not cosigned that information… thats just what I’m going to tell people.

Breaking it DOWN even FURTHER…

SO what does all this mean? I’ve never identified as a Hispanic or Caucasian woman. If asked where I am from or what are you… I usually reply ambiguous brown. Using this phrase allows me to see a) how smart you are by using a 4 syllable word, b) how racist you are by not giving you a definite “race box” to put me in, and c) pushes you to get to know me on a deeper level and not just from the color of my skin. If you are interested in deconstructing this whole race thing us Americans are obsessed with I invite you to consume the following media:

https://www.wnyc.org/widgets/ondemand_player/dopequeens/#file=/audio/json/619373/&share=1“>2 Dope Queens

First Peoples


A. Bernadette.. AKA Ambiguously Brown, AKA Lady, AKA A. Reyes, AKA Dat Ass

P.S. Does that .2% Ashkenazi mean I get a free trip to Israel?

P.P.S. Does the 4.4% African mean I get a black card?



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