Day 3 or Week 3?

Its only been 3 days but it feels like 3 weeks. The days are long and hot but filled with lots of movement, greetings, and dust filled boda rides. Yesterday was no exception. Starting with a long walk to town, followed by an even longer wait at MTN, the telecom store, where the men pretended to know how to use a Macbook, I realized this was only day 2. The rest of the afternoon was met by meetings with group A which produces our headbands. We were a bit disappointed as there were no orders to be made. A. Bernadette had recently participated in the NY Now trade show. We did well for our first time but did not make any orders for our headband group. Our solution, redesign. We will start by making door mats and place mats from the same material as the headbands. Also, the last trip to Uganda, we taught the artisans how to arm knit. These super plush infinity scarves sold well over the winter. In preparation for the next trade show we are developing samples now in the hopes to place an order later. Stay tuned as we meet Friday and Saturday afternoon to practice our arm knitting.


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