Inside the mind of A. Bernadette

Its been close to 4 weeks resuming my life as CEO of A. Bernadette, entrepreneur extraordinaire, and fashion professor. Here are a few observations:
1) I’m starving… All the time. Working for someone else you look forward to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Planning what you will eat and how you will spent your free time. In entrepreneurial land you keep working forgetting to nourish yourself. Breakfast has moved to noon, lunch at 3pm and maybe dinner at 9pm if you don’t just pass out.
2) You wake up feeling refreshed, ready to go and you go. Emails, phone calls, meetings and other tasks are quickly performed before most have finished the first cup of coffee at work but you keep going until the tasks are complete. Sometimes that is as early as 2pm but you can’t slow down. You end up mindlessly working on a task that could take half the time but your mind is working too fast.
3) The present is gone. Always thinking of the next 10 steps you’re on a constant downward spiral of feeling you are not doing enough.
4) You have no idea what day of the week it is. It does not matter. The rush of Friday is gone because each day is Wednesday, always a day of work in front of you and always one behind.
5) You search for flights to exotic places. Thinking yes I will have time in March to escape for a weekend but that weekend never comes.

Its not all bad and you can change the above. You are the CEO and no one will yell at you if you fail yo achieve a task. As long as you can battle your own free will, take a chill pill, and relax you can turn this whole boat to stress/starvation ville around. My goals for February: more yoga, swimming, stay in bed till 9am twice a week and MAYBE a date once a week. Seeking happy thoughts!

A. Bernadette


One thought on “Inside the mind of A. Bernadette

  1. This is awesome. And I feel you! There’s NOTHING in the world quite like following your passion and making it happen. Even if you have to keep making it happen EVERY SINGLE DAY!! Welcome back to the entrepreneurial world.

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