Community Meeting

It was a cold and windy night in Harlem when a group of socially minded, community driven, some would even say activists gathered in an art gallery. The agenda, to change the WORLD! Too dramatic? Ok.. we gathered to share ideas, goals, and to see how we can help each other. It all began with an idea that together we can achieve far greater things than individually and how we often are great at helping others but pretty shitting at asking others for help. Here are the list of organizations that joined the meeting: The Note PasserRevolution Books, Harlem Arts Festival, Harlem Grown, A. Bernadette, I Luv 2 Swap, The Fashion Studio NYCNYC Fair Trade Coaltion, & La Maison d’Art. Artwork by Gregory St. Amand,

Community Meeting

We each went around the room shared our story and talked about our needs. We all needed help promoting our upcoming events, workshops, and services. We also needed, but maybe not specifically mentioned, support, approval, and maybe a little pat on the back. So often as we move forward with our entrepreneurial endeavors, crossing off one goal after the other, we loose and miss the recognition we once received in traditional work environments. So I’d like to congratulate each one of these organizations for a wonderful job done in 2015! You helped many people, inspired countless others, and made it another year to keep the good fight going!

If you would like to join our community of positive, change makers, start by joining us tomorrow (1/12/16) at La Maison d’Art on 132nd between Adam Clayton Powell and Frederick Douglas for the first Adult Craft Night. We’ll be learning how to arm knit by making beautiful infinity scarves.  Two hours of learning, eating, cheers’ing, and crafting for $30. What better way to get to know your neighbors.


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