5 Reasons WHY I Quit My Job

I just made a year back in the corporate world. Its been restless, mundane, and well I compare it to prison. I tell my friends I did a quick year “up state,” ate well, meditated and got my mind right. Two weeks before the new year I decided it was time to quit and return to my “real” life: unstable, exciting, & eclectic.

Here’s why:

  1. A lot of “stability” is strangling.. a little is grounding. I’ll be returning to molding young minds at Berkeley College. The mixing of new and old ideas are found swirling around college campuses. I’ve always wanted to pursue teaching full time and now is the chance to put the ground work in to make that happen.
  2. Health- Sitting for 40 plus hours a week was killing my health. The first half of 2015 I found myself unable to sleep throughout the night. I had too much energy that I was not using throughout the day. I had to take up different physical activities in order to rid myself of the extra energy. An old man once told me the key to a long life is to expend all the energy you have each day.
  3. I was surrounded by people who were scared. Fear of the unknown, fear of instability, fear of change, but mostly fear of stepping outside what is expected of us in society. I felt their fear rubbing off on me. I still feel a bit scared of what the next couple of weeks will bring but I know as I free myself from these scaredy cats and resume chilling with my entrepreneurial friends.. it will all be alright.
  4. Standing still at my current position I knew exactly what 2016 would look like.. exactly like 2015. If I want great change to happen.. I have to make it happen myself.
  5. Chemicals- The fashion industry is full of dust and chemicals. Every two weeks I clean my desk and shelves because it is covered in fabric dust, little fibers from all the samples that pass my desk. I am absolutely ingesting a ton of these tiny particles as well as many unknown chemicals. Often samples come to us that are damp and smell like cocaine.. Not that I know what cocaine smells like.. but it does. Garments are dyed, and processed using a variety of chemicals that I absolutely do not want to come in contact with the largest organ on my body, my skin.

So today is my second to last day. The “retirement” party is planned for Friday and as much as I hope, work, and pray to never return to this cubicle… Prison is no joke and the reincarnation rate is high. #prayforfreedom #freeAndrea


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