Eco Fashion Workshops for Your Little Designer

My mothers says I came out wearing a tiara. I knew from a wee tyke clothing, creating, and others find their inner swag was going to be a life long passion. I was born into the perfect family to help cultivate those dreams. My father, an artist, tailor, and all around DIY connoisseur, not only made my mothers wedding dress but taught us all how to be a little crafter. Us all meaning not just my sister and I but friends, family.. strangers.. I remember finding random art supplies in the basement and asking, “Dad, what is this and what are we making?”

Around the age of 5 I was fixated on designing and making a royal blue satin dress for Halloween. I was going to be a model. Mom was a bit concerned with its spaghetti straps and leg slit but I won that battle.

I would sit for hours taking apart clothing we bought from the salvation army. Adding panels into jeans to make bell bottoms, quilting blankets, and LOTS of Frankenstein t-shirts.

I believe this training gave me those critical 10,000 hours of practice in order to become an expert at any skill. Today, I am able to create anything from a wedding down to a swim suit. We are extremely excited to share our skills with your little ones this winter. Join us at La Maison d’Art Jan. 9th and the 4 consecutive Saturdays after for our Eco Fashion Design Workshops. Kids will learn how to sketch basic designs, mend their own clothing, and remix two old pieces into a dazzling new one. Classes run from 11am-1pm. Check out the link below to purchase tickets. ECO FASHION WORKSHOP TICKETSAll materials are provided. Can’t wait to see you there!


P.S… We may even get the master himself.. my Dad to drop in for an appearance!


2014-03-07 20.06.58


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