Behind the GOALS of A. Bernadette- 2016!

Take a look at WHY we’ve decided to focus on workshops, learning, and community development in 2016!

Sure.. I want you to buy Achiro’s Strap bag, made entirely from recycled packing straps.. You know.. those straps that go around our T.V. or fridge boxes. The ones we literally cut our fingers on trying to get off. The ones that end up in the landfill, that out live us all. Well the ladies in Uganda weaved them up to create super sturdy bags that you can give to your great, great, great, great-grand kids. But no.. I don’t really want you to buy those. I want you to come meet me in Harlem, shake my hand, have a drink and do a little crafting with me. Starting Jan. 9th of the little ones and Jan. 12th for the adults, we’ll be at La Maison d’Art making all sorts of eco-chic home goods and accessories. Why recycled materials you may ask? Well for us at A. Bernadette we believe in the power of the mind! Sounds futuristic right? It is.. we believe using available, up-cycled materials forces us to be even MORE creative.

Here’s the line up.. Jan. 12th we will be making these beauties.. #armknitting:

Jan. 19: Rag Rugs! Fabric donated from Green Eileen! We have plush wools and fluffy cottons!

Rag rug

Jan. 26: Fashion remix – Mend clothes, hem pants, sew buttons, or Frankenstein old t-shirts!


We’re thinking.. we should even finish off our Jan. workshops with a CLOTHING SWAP! What do we think? Are you excited?! Cause I am!!! Stay tuned for highlights on our KIDS ECO-FASHION WORKSHOPS!


Buy Tickets to our Adult Eco-Crafting HERE!


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