Behind the Scenes at A. Bernadette Part 2

“Get Your Bags!” the man yells as I crisscross through the pedestrian traffic along 33rd St and Broadway. Get your cheap, going to fall apart, completely made from crappy plastic by unethical stands BAGS, I think to myself. Yes, they are $20. Yes, I can buy one in each color. And YES, I can perpetuate the cycle of buying, mildly using, and throwing away but I can’t. My little eco-friendly heart thinks about all the clothes I’ve LOVED and consumed over my almost 30 years on this planet and how now they sit somewhere in a landfill, unable to decompose.

I’m also struck by the fact that so many items I still cherish, and constantly mend I bought nearly 10 years ago. If someone had told me, HEY! Spend a bit more money and buy a little more classically because you’ll be wearing this for a WHILE… I would have listened. So here at A. Bernadette, as the designer, I think about functionality, style, but most importantly quality. Our harem pants have french seams to ensure those seams will hold up through those long bus trips, everyday subway commute, or climbing on the back of a motorcycle. Our strap bag is the MOST durable bag you will ever come in contact with. Made from recycled packing straps this bag is sure to not only outlive us all but be in pristine shape for you to pass on for generations.

2014-12-31 10.06.44

Today we introduce our collection of leather bags. These bags are designed and constructed by yours truly. The leather was donated to us by Kenneth Cole. It has the perfect weight, color, and style. Normally, we bring all fabrics collected here to Uganda for our artisans to sew but due to lack of time I’ve been hard at work hovering over my sewing machine early in the morning. For now there are only 10 bags ranging from $50-150 but the beautiful leather, construction, and design is not why you should buy it. Why you should buy one of these bags is because you’re helping A. Bernadette achieve a greater feat. All proceeds will go towards A. Bernadette participating for the first time in the NY Now Trade show at the end of Jan. This event will not only get us to the next level in reaching more customers but will increase business in Uganda. As always.. we believe business, ethical business is the way forward in creating a more peaceful, prosperous, happy world.

Lastly, to sweeten the deal even more… anyone who purchases a bag has my personal guarantee to make these leather bags last for the next 20-30 years. Ever need a repair? Send us an e-mail, throw it in the mail and we’ll stitch it back up for you in no time, free of charge. Β Now that’s the way to shop smart, ethically, and lovingly.

Shop now at:Β



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