How to be a Model.. kinda.

IMG_3399  IMG_0390IMG_0372 IMG_0388 IMG_0383 IMG_0375 IMG_0374 IMG_1392 IMG_0365 IMG_0342

I have no comfort zone. I’m comfortable.. everywhere.. except when it comes to “modeling.” I never wanted to be “the face” of A. Bernadette. Not consciously at least.. Yes, A. Bernadette is my name and yes, the logo is my photo from the first time I went to Uganda but this is because I want A. Bernadette to be approachable, not “Modely”, not exclusive but inclusive. I want my flaws to show through.. the bags under my eyes, the wrinkles that are forming, and the look in my eye that says I have no idea what I’m doing.. Perhaps there’s a better face that could be modeling our new scarf, leather bags, and necklaces (Check out for the story behind the necklaces) but here I am… Modeling on a beautiful street in New York being photographed by the wonderful Dame Lori who will be helping me more to find my inner model. Here is our first attempt at finding my Soul Style, a beautiful concept created by Lori for women to not just look great but feel great too. I’m very excited to attend her inspiring workshop tomorrow and hope she can help pull out my qualities that are so often hard to capture by camera; integrity, humility, gratitude, and pride.


A. Bernadette


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