NYC Fair Trade Coalition Members Kickoff Party!

Tonight we will be kicking off beginning of a new NYCFTC season. The evening will go as follows:

6:30 doors open at WIX  (235 west 23rd street 8th floor )

7:00 Event begins

NYCFTC members discuss being Fair Trade in NYC and share their experience with the coalition:
    moderated by Andrea Reyes of A.Bernadette
Stellar Organics to share a short video on fair trade wine making and offer a mini-lesson on wine tasting

Here is a taste of what we’ll be discussing:

So often we hear and use these words: sustainability, fair trade, Eco-friendly, green etc. What do these terms mean to you and how does it play a role in your company?

Here in this room together we make a difference all over the world. We work with these artisans to help sell their products but more than that we want our customers to get involved in a deeper level. What is your call to action? What do u want your customers to achieve beyond sharing their dollars.

For me The Fair trade movement is part conscious consumption, part education and part community building. How do u think we can better support each other as ngo’s, non profits, and small business owners?

Transparency is key in all of our businesses. Showing the good, bad, and ugly is how we build loyalty, support, and stay authentic. What is your message to your customers? How do u balance the message you share? Is it all about spreading positivity, harsh reality, guilt even?

Building a ship at sea is often the metaphor I use when referring to the growth of my business. What is a growing pain or struggle u are either currently dealing with or have had to overcome in the past?

If u were to give yourself advice when u first started your business what would it be?

What questions do you want to ask?

Get your tickets: HERE


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