Nicki Minaj, feminist.

Nicki Minaj, feminist. Yes, feminist. As she walked around on stage baring all her curves yesterday at the Billboard Hot 100 Festival in Jones beach she announced to an audience full of young impressionable ladies; “I hate lazy bitches. Don’t be lazy. Go to school, get a job, get a career and don’t rely on a man for anything. He’s only good for one thing when you want it.”
What is a feminist? I’m stealing Bad Feminist writer Roxanne Gay’s definite; anyone who believes women should not be treated like shit. Equality. Meaning man nipples are out and so can mine. I’ve got the same opportunities as men and yes I can be just as fucked up and irresponsible as them. I can fuck who I want, or not fuck if I want, with no consequences just like men. This is to say that my personal actions do not represent my entire gender because men do not have to speak on behalf of their entire gender when living their lives. So yes. Nicki Minaj is a feminist because she is unapologetic for how she chooses live but most importantly it is her choice and her’s alone.


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