The Little Birdie

Once upon a time there was a little bird. This little bird loved to fly high up in the sky, swoop down into the water, and perch itself high up on the tree. One day this little birdie was flying high and saw something new in the landscape. From afar it looked like a mountain but a mountain can’t just grow over night. As the bird got closer a very peculiar smell hit its beak. Its was not a normal smell to the bird but us humans may think of stinky cheese, sweaty socks, or a dirty old diaper. “Yuck” thought the bird. “This is the worst smelling mountain I’ve ever seen,” it tweeted. As the bird circled around the mountain it realized it wasn’t land at all but trash. Stinky, smelly, rotten trash. The bird was sad because this mound of trash was as high as a building. The bird thought I must do something but how can I help? I am only a little bird. So each day the bird passed the mountain of trash and thought about what it could do. Once day on its way to the ocean, its favorite place to get dinner, the little birdie saw a girl playing by the water. He decided he would make friends and ask the girl what it should do. The girl listened closely, nodding as the birdie described how sad it felt. As the birdie finished its story the little girl began to cry. “Why are you crying girl,” asked the birdie. “Its all my fault. Each night my mother tells me to eat my veggies but I throw them away.” “Its ok,” said the bird, “but Ahh ha! I’ve got an idea but we are going to have to work together. I’m going to bring you worms each day to help compost your garbage.” The girl looked down at the bird and thought that was a brilliant idea. From that day on the little birdie would bring worms not just to the little girl but all the children in town to help reduce their garbage. Slowly, slowly the garbage mountain became a hill and the hill became a recycling center that was never to be smelled again. THE END

Join us each month… the last Saturday.. at La Maison d’Art for Trash to Treasure


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