Shop Small Business Saturday

Did you know… Black Friday gained its name after police in Philadelphia recalled the increase in traffic accidents due to the high volume of cars rushing to the stores after Thanksgiving? But we’re not here for a history lesson. I’m here to talk about Small Business Saturday. A day named not after tragedy but a day named to bring light to the millions of small business owners across the country. I am one of those small business owners.

So today I want to talk about what it means to be a small business owner, entrepreneur, dice thrower, chance card taker… It means this past Thanksgiving I sat quietly at my couch as others cooked, chatted, and watched the parade. I typed away on my computer to create my monthly newsletter due to be sent out the next day. I designed fliers for the coming events I was hosting. I counted my inventory, packed bags, did some visual merchandising, checked my bank account and a hand full or two more tasks that mark me as a small business owner. Now why would I do this. Why would I forfeit a holiday that would normally be filled with cheers, feasting, and family. I do it because I believe there is a better way to do business. A more intelligent way where there is no line between work and home. My friends and family are my cohorts. My couch is my business office. Me sitting quietly on the couch typing away in the hopes it will bring me greater things to be thankful for next year. I do what I do because the rewards out weigh the gamble.

So today on this Small Business Saturday go visit your local risk taker. Support their crazy dreams and strike up a conversation to show them they may be small but they are not forgotten about. Tomorrow you can go back to Walmart but today shop for unique, handcrafted, artisan, local, small, and guilt free gifts.

This weekend A. Bernadette will be at the Harlem Holipop at Raw Space on Adam Clayton Powell Blvd between 121st and 122nd st in Harlem. Tomorrow we will be at Sugar Hill Market at La Maison d’Art on 132nd and Fredrick Douglas.


A. Bernadette


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