Beyonce Please Put Your Clothes Back On.

I am by no means conservative. I like heals, to show a LITTLE thigh, and getting compliments. Saying good morning to me will result in a good morning back. I am not a feminist.. I am a humanist meaning I believe everyone has the right to exist in an environment where they feel safe, comfortable, and respected. I am not down with being harassed as I walk down the street. There is a line between a nod of the head and a hello and having someone make lewd comments about my body parts, how I walk, what they would like to do to me, or noises that usually come from animals.

Now I am not BLAMING Beyonce. I am simply asking for her help. Please put your clothes back on. You are confusing men. They see you EVERYWHERE half naked. They can see the outline of your vagina, nips, and more. You have left nothing to the imagination. I ask you… when you dress like this what response are you looking for? I imagine its not, “My Beyonce you are looking beautiful, smart, and well respected today.” I’m not sure you are even thinking about what type of comments you are seeking but I do know you receive the same type of demeaning, infuriating, makes me want to throw up in someone’s face comments that I receive on the streets. The difference is.. you have body guards. You literally have someone protecting your body. It is terrible to say but I often feel more relaxed and at ease when walking with a male because I know for that short time the comments will stop.
So I ask you Beyonce.. PLEASE put your clothes back on. Demand respect for your body. Do not confuse our simple male counter parts. They are visual creatures and can not differentiate between fantasy and reality. I swear they think at any moment I am going to rip off my clothes and start dancing in a leotard to Single Ladies. They think I want to be you. That my idea of making it means standing onstage half naked shaking my body to imitate sexual acts. I am sorry that is what you have to do to get paid. As I tell my students please make sure to keep your skills updated as industries change. However, in your case you are getting older and someday people will not want to see you on stage exposing the most private parts of your body. But I digress..
In closing.. You are a smart, beautiful woman, who does not need more money and can now be a positive example to future pop stars. You are now in a position to change the conversation from being single to women’s reproduction rights, from “surfing” on a board to electing more female leaders, and lastly from being drunk in love to forming healthy positive relationships with the opposite sex. But you have to put your vagina away first.. its too distracting.
Thank you,
A. Bernadette

2 thoughts on “Beyonce Please Put Your Clothes Back On.

  1. Good post. I quite agree that some pop stars should cover up. I mean, skimpy outfits can look good but sometimes it makes the star look so tasteless. For instance, Miley Cyrus is so over-the-top in her provocative look, that it looks embarrasing.

  2. I seldom given much thought to celebrities and what they do. I do not view them as being happier than I.. they just have most stuff.. pressure to perform.. and well chemical imbalances due to their addiction to adrenaline/endorphins. What has forced me to give any attention is connecting the dots between what they communicate to men and what I wish to communicate to men. BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC divide between those two things.

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