Color Blind

Whats with the black and white photos we’re been posting all over instagram and twitter? Why are our accessories still in color? Call us naive, call us idealistic, call us what you like but we don’t see color. I mean yes.. of course we see color. How boring a black and white world.. but for us we were not raised in a family that acknowledged race and all the prejudicious that come along with it. We grew up in a multiracial family that choose to focus on peoples commonalities rather than our differences. Believe it or not… I did not even know my racial background was unique or different until my teens. For us we choose our friends based on their ethics, principles, hobbies, and whether they are “real.” What that means to us is working with and being around Β people who for better or worst are who they are and are unapologetic for it. There is too much fakeness in the world and authenticity trumps all. This Sunday in Harlem you can find us at the Sugar Hill Market. A market that is colorful in many ways… Come continue the conversation with us in person. 259 West 132nd Street. Noon-7pm- October 26th, 2014


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