An A. Bernadette Subway Speech – Education is the path to peace.

Hello my friends, family, and foes. I dare not say brothers and sisters as we are still divided over this cause. Whites on one side, blacks to the other, Hispanic over there. Rich and poor also divided which is now not always so clear.Β  I invite you to mix together against this common cause. For some of us are more passionate than others, more violent than others, and less tolerant of others. We need each other to keep the peace, passion, and momentum.
For today is a new day. The barbaric bulls of the past do us no good. Yes these bullets can fly in multiples but the hand behind it has hate in their heart. Put down the past and pick up the future. Our phones have liberated us from the shackles of mental slavery. We have the ability to educate ourselves of the most pressing issues of today. We have the tool to share our knowledge with others and most importantly we have the ability to mobilize instantaneously. Use these tools for a purpose. Use these tools for good. We know violence results in more violence. Convert our enemies with logic and reason. Get in there heads and make them see peace and love is the road to happiness. Force and hate will cause nothing but pain and frustration.


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