The one and only, Friday May 9, 2014. Seriously, its the only one we’ll ever get.

This morning, like every other for the past week, was rainy. (Mental Note: Don’t come to Uganda in May if you’re looking for some pool time) I found a cloud break and headed to Flavours for a nice coffee. I planned to meet our Tukula friends at 10am, but the rain came and it came long and it came hard. It even came right up to my table


Finally, I dashed down through the muddy alley to meet the Tukula Tailors. We had a lovely chat. They even convinced me to buy some of their real, real honey from Arua. Hi Joe and Melissa! Wish you were here! (because you could’ve taken a better photo than my backlit mess) 


I went to the market bought some fresh beans and veggies from my favorite produce lady and cooked lunch with Kymbi. We love cooking and eating together.



Our second favorite activity is looking at old photos of ourselves cooking (Kymbi loved this one because Robbie the Cat was helping too) 


Kymbi took a nap and I worked on a graphic for a new design.


And now I’m having a glass of boxed wine.

Happy Friday!


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