My life… My journey…

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As I have stated before, I am a senior at FIT. I’ll be graduating in May with an AS in Fashion Merchandising and a BS in International Trade, I also have a great skill for sewing, which is great. But like many… I don’t quite know where I’m going next. In a strange way, this kind of excites me because I love when the future surprises me… I tried to plan my future, but that never turns out well. For example, initially I wanted to get an internship at a company here in NY that was also located in Shanghai, China. (Givenchy etc). I would have done my best so I had it in my mind I would get accepted in to the company for a paid position. I then wanted to transfer from that job and move to China to live and work for the same company since I have already lived out there before… But, it didn’t go that way… not even a bit. And I’m not upset. Will is will…

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From then on, all I’ve had in mind is to design and travel… That’s it. While working and saving, I want to visit many other countries and just breathe… I’d love to do this because I believe in order to find yourself, you have to first lose yourself… Living in America alone can force people to be so money hungry, they’ll sacrifice doing what they really love for bucks. And to add we’re all surrounded by so much competition that it has become a lifestyle. But who am I to say, it is just American culture… That’s why I’d love to move out of America and work elsewhere… Where my work is well needed and highly appreciated even if it’s under a rock in Madagascar. I’d just like to do what I love (sew and design) and provide great deeds to a community who needs it…

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One vision that I always had was to get married, move to any undeveloped country and raise a village. In this village, I would teach, cook and design for everyone… … and it will be most whimsical place to be… everyone would want to visit…

But I can dream for days…


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