Flags, Tags, and Bags

Like everyone else, we read quotes from people who are great doers and great thinkers as inspiration and a reminder that individuals can accomplish great things in the face of adversity. We print the quotes we love on recycled fabric using our home printer. (if you ask, we’ll tell you exactly how we do it.) Then we sew on string to create a Tibetan prayer flag-inspired mini-banner. We give out these flags to customers as promotional items.


We avoid waste. Instead of buying packaging for our products each bracelet or headband comes with a flag and recycled paper tag, we minimize the amount of garbage we create by reusing packing and shipping boxes.

 We try to filter out “thought waste,” especially superficial promotional ideas. In the age of and multiple social media accounts, blogs, web pages, and press kits, it’s tempting to retweet, reblog, like, and share everything that seems cool or interesting, just for the sake of content generation.  We try to share only what supports our values and mission. We feel inundated with low quality information and don’t want to contribute to the unending stream of useless information, pseudo-science, and hoax.

Stated in a positive way, we value quality over quantity, thoughtfulness over reaction, and listening over talking.

Reprinting well-known quotes may seem like a superficial promotion. Everyone clicks those inspiring memes with bold words on beautiful landscapes.

We like to think about it a little differently. Words are powerful, right? We all know “the pen is mightier than the sword.” Spoken words are full of intensity and emotion, but disappear as soon as someone else speaks. Digital words last forever, but who’s going to scroll down to find them? Printed paper words are durable, but get lost in the masses. Handwritten words are magnificent and intimate.

When we print quotes on flags, we bring them into a long-lasting, featured existence. These words, and only these words, will exist on this fabric. You can hold these words and feel these words. We hope people will continue to read the quotes printed on our flags and think about their meaning, their context in time, the people who said them, and who they said them to.

Maybe these words will be displayed; maybe they’ll be forgotten in a pocket and dropped on the street. Maybe these words be folded away for safe keeping; maybe they’ll be crumpled and used to wipe up spilled coffee. We can’t know for sure, but in a world full of the fleeting, we’re standing up for these words.

dumpster happy


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