Ethical Fashion

Most people would say that ethical fashion isn’t even a thing; those two words can’t possibly be in the same sentence/phrase. And now I am on my journey finding out if that is really true.

Business and money has always been something that comes natural to me. Whether it was making deals with my mom as a child about how I could do something for her in return for getting money, sitting on the floor crisscross-applesauce style counting change for hours so I could get cash to save, or observing my parents in fascination run their businesses newly arriving to America. My mind was always meant for the business world my mom would tell me. However, fashion has always been something I love also. I never cared how weird others thought I looked or how much an item was but about how I wore it. The way clothes and accessories made and still make me feel is unmatched.

Now, a sophomore in college trying to put together my life, I’m still attempting to put both of my passions together. The business and fashion world are cutthroat and very difficult to get into and of course, I want to get into both at once. I firmly believe that it is mandatory to act ethically in any career path. Now looking at the fashion world without rose covered glasses I see how unethical it really is. How many workers are exploited across the globe just so we can wear the newest, cheapest trends. How many Americans can’t afford food but have the newest Michael Kors bag. This isn’t the fashion world I’ve been dreaming to become a part of.

However, now interning at A. Bernadette, they took on the role of helping me believe that there is ethical fashion. I have never worked for a brand that is so gracious to me and everyone else. Who puts ethics, loyalty, and respect before making money. I am so proud and thrilled to work for such a fantastic brand. Every item not only has its own story but also helps others. Now that they have helped me to believe, it is my turn to help others believe! #helpjennabelieve is now #helpothersbelieve


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