China.. it’s too late, the robots are here.

What is a robot? Wikipedia says, “A robot is a mechanical or virtual agent, usually an electro-mechanical machine that is guided by a computer program or electronic circuitry.” For the past two decades robots have infiltrated our lives in a way where most of us could not live without them. My robots walks me up in the morning, plays music for me, tells me what my friends are doing, alerts me to meetings, tells me when to eat lunch, when to go home, and generally sets my mood by the number of pings, dings, bongs, and chimes it makes. And that is just my phone. I still practice rebellion, however, when I travel to New Jersey to visit my parents and tap my phone on off for a few days unplugged. I become even more rebellious when I fly off to Uganda to spend a blissful month where status updates, picture posting, and weather checking isn’t at my fingertips. During these times I realize just how little I know how to do. I’m not very good at washing my own dishes, I suck at washing my own clothes, and I am absolutely awful at creating my own light. Are these robots? Maybe not according to Wikipedia but to me these are machines that have come to run my life and slowly make me incompetent. Now what does this mean for the rest of the world? Can we all put our clothes, dishes, and bodies into contraptions that perform a process? A process that once upon a time we could do with our own hands. What happens when robots replace our production completely? America has long since retired being a producing country but China’s economic plan still rests on the shoulders or hands I should say of the billion working people. What do we do with ourselves when there isn’t any work to be done? For me I push myself to answer this question daily. First I attempt to go whole days without spending 1 cent. If money is taken off the table I am forced to find more creative ways to spend my time. Next I look at the world around me and see what problems need to be solved. For me it usually involves some cleaning, some indoor gardening, some sewing, and a little physical fitness. The hard part is to look outside of my world and see what problems lay elsewhere. Is there something I have that someone else needs? Is it my eyesight to read to someone? Is it my ears to hear about someone’s loves, losses, and tribulations? This is where my robot comes in most handy. The power of Google allows me to connect with these people, or to solve my own needs. Robots may control a lot of my life but at the end of the day I have the power to shut it off and focus on what is important to me. The pangs, ding, bings, and all the rest will always be there but the quiet times being with just yourself or a friend are worth shutting that damn robot off.


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