A. Bernadette’s Business Plan

Written 11/28/13

My sister and I often discuss what type of business model we liked to have in the future. We oppose traditional business models where the owners separate themselves with power and money from the rest of the company. We reject the notion that work should feel like a prison, a place where you are closely monitored, told when to eat, how to dress, and what to do. We envision a company where employees are treated as partners, equal partners. We believe employees are real people with dreams, goals, families, and above all the desire to be needed, respected, and loved. How is this translated into actions? All employees start the same. They begin by sending sales e-mails, blogging, and participating in markets. After the first year employees are given the option to buy into A. Bernadette. Maybe its $1, $100, $1,000 dollar buy in. Who knows.. some sort of valuation will be done each year. What a buy in means is you become an equal partner. Each quarter partners will come together and make the big decisions. What to do with profits? Maybe we make bank and we all want to get a bonus, or want to pay for an in house nanny, or all want to take a trip to Uganda. Salaries are another topic we often think about at A. Bernadette. Studies have shown 75k a year is the happiness level. No more makes you any happier but less can create stress, and a feeling of insecurity. Personally I promise to take no more than 75K per year from A. Bernadette. So how do employees get there? Perhaps everyone starts at 40K and after each year the employees receive 2,000 dollar bonuses each year, for the next five years.. Perhaps the next 5 years employees receive $5,000 dollar salary increases each year. After 10 years your salary is capped at 75K. We believe setting salary increases from the start allows for a less competitive more collaborative environment. As for roles and responsibilities, not everyone is a chief. Some like to lead groups, projects, and discussions. Others like to work quietly. We believe every person has something they can teach the group. Employees will be given opportunities to become teachers and lead seminars. Each employee should know what their fellow employees do and this is a great way to show them. Maybe I’m just idealistic, maybe I’m just rambling but what I am confident in is I will create a different company. I will not follow the rules that current businesses offer. So I present the question to you… What do you want from the company you work for? Do you want to be called an employee? How about partner? Fellow work mate? Can I call everyone my colleague? Even though I happen to share the name of the company? Good thing at A. Bernadette I will have the support and opinions of the people around me to help make these decisions.


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