Day 5: Different then what I imagined..

Friday Sept. 20th, 2013-  Today we met Moses. He runs a boys home which houses about 20 boys ranging from 5-16 years old. He is an artists at heart and works to sell his art to support the household. He grew up in a boys home himself. We talked about working and collaborating together to help us carve A. Bernadette into one of our new products the Thinking Stick. We talked about community and adopting in Uganda. Its interesting how most people would rather sponsor a child then see them adopted. Sponsoring children to go to school is big here. Parents are responsible to pay tuition, for uniforms, books, and supplies in order for their children to go to school. Education is extremely important but handouts are a double edged knife. Theres a lot of ngos and nonprofits in uganda, trying to better the community. I didn’t realize how built up some parts of Uganda are, theres roads, theres internet, people have cell phones.

In the afternoon we saw group c and met with the solar group to discuss going to Solar Sisters, an organization based in Kampala. At night we went to the casino to meet up with Andrew. We went to viewers might club and got down. Uganda is proving to be way different then I imagined.



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