Day 3- Whats the agenda for the day?

DSC_0047Wednesday- Sept. 18, 2013. We woke up with the sun. First on our agenda was a meeting at Rose’s place. I was in for a surprise when I saw where the meeting was being held. Attached to Rose’s little hut is the crappiest bar I’ve ever seen. There are a few benches and a tin hut. Lucky for us our meeting was at 10 am and we were able to meet drunkard free. All the children waved saying Amba, Amba. Andrea may have been the first to come to Uganda but Amber was the first to come to Jinja. Andrea turned a waved to each child, proud to be called Amba. Next on our agenda was meeting with the tailors. We were very impressed with the tailors because not only had the kept all supplies in perfect condition but they had registered themselves as a separate organization with bank account. Sitting in the little hut as Andrea talked, I started to notice that most of the buildings were painted with advertisements, from Mtn, coca cola, and others. I think because its free and it makes the building nicer. Everyone we meet is so welcoming, I’m taken back by it. It’s making me think a lot about life and what I’m doing. I half came here for the business opportunity but also to get away. Andrea says, “People don’t just hop on plane for adventure. People are running away from something because you have no idea what you’re running into, it can be pretty scary.” Maybe that’s true.  Something told me I was supposed to come here and somehow everything just fell into place, or maybe I just decided I wanted this sort of life where I could just do something if I decided I wanted it bad enough.


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