Meeting A. Bernadette

It’s been really a pleasure starting to be part of the A. Bernadette team. 621439_10151353695879155_37965765_o

After I left Africa, last January, I felt that I left something there and I always wished to find a connection to be closer with the African community. Suddenly, I met these two lovely girls that had fallen in love with Africa as I had.

Talking about Uganda makes me miss the people, the culture, the weather and the atmosphere. Andrea and Amber shared their passion by talking with students today about their amazing experiences. They encouraged these fashion students to join them in Uganda for an intense and amazing field experience. Working with the Ugandan artisans is more than a challenge it is life changing. I’m imagine the artisans working, learning new ways of producing but I’m also thinking about me, flying to Uganda and meeting this wonderful group, watching them at work and sharing their different experiences. This is a real cultural exchange where people are supporting each other in this common project.

If you are curious, like I was before my first visit to Africa, consider participating in the voluntourism trip that A. Bernadette is organizing for the upcoming January. You will never forget what it’s like to the travel in the heart of Africa.



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