Day 1- A visit to the Acholi Quarters

Monday- Sept. 16th, 2014.

A car picked us up after we were delayed, because some guy got lost in Heathrow Airport.  Our driver waited patiently for three hours, something no driver would ever do in NY, I think we are in Kansas. I half tried to stay awake on the drive, but the warm breeze, the sun in my face and the humming of the car was forcing me to shut down. It did not take long to arrive at the Acholi quarters. We met Karen, a friend of Andrea’s, where we were immediately welcomed by the women she works with. We danced and danced. It was the most humbling experience I had ever had. Karen started Project Have Hope with women who make the famous paper beaded necklaces. They also cooked for us. In Uganda the people are very welcoming, especially the women, and they want to offer food or anything they can. These women live and work in the Acholi quarters. On the drive to Jinja, our final destination, I tried to stay awake again, but that warm breeze, the sun and the humming of the car, rocked me to sleep. This was the start to a beautiful trip in Africa.


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