Censorship over.. Sexual oppression….

Censorship over.. Sexual oppression… The new cause I will be taking up is sexual oppression. It affect both men and women in every economic class and in every country. In my current living situation I can feel the sexual oppression around me. The lack of sexiness. It makes me want
to cry. I feel the best when I feel sexy. To be sexy is to have confidence and to feel powerful. Every person deserves to feel sexy. To have at least one person who makes them feel special. Feeling sexy is not something someone can give you. It is
something you must make happen for yourself. It is as simple as walking down the street and owning what you have.
I’ve met many religious people on my journeys. I wonder what for example the church teaches about sex. Many people in free countries are taught to believe they have all the freedoms in the world but if they are not able to be comfortable with their own bodies especially sharing their body with another isn’t that oppression? http://ow.ly/okhXG


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