A throw back blog from Amber.

A throw back blog from Amber. Not sure what year but it doesn’t really matter..
We all have to stay pretty loaded here. Whether on God or booze, prayer or passion, sobriety is ugly and reality is disturbing. We hide behind the walls of our houses, our values, our explanations, our guilt. We’re drunk on distraction because the truth without a filter, the truth in all of its disgusting malaria-ridden wounded glory would send us running home. We sit behind stone walls topped with broken glass, barred windows, locked doors, encased in movies, internets, skypes. We can’t believe this and witness this day in and day out without being, on a certain, lower level, terrified.

And at the same time children play. In muddy ditches, sucking on plastic bags to make popping noises. Making sleds out of banana tree trunks. Stacking old batteries and knocking them down with pebbles. Their beauty trumps the awfulness and the unfairness of this world. Their smiles blur backgrounds.

They sober me each morning. The children bring me back to here and now and it is wonderful. They leave muddy handprints on my arms and trousers which hold me in the present tense. http://ow.ly/okhKv


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