To take malaria medication or not?

To take malaria medication or not? I’ve never gotten malaria but that would SUCK if I got it this go around. TOO much to do. When in Uganda any sniffle, cough, sneeze, or headache will be met with the comment, “Oh! You are sick with the Malaria!”The female Anopheles mosquito is to blame. This small inset causes more deaths than any other animal, second is hippopotamus (I’m not lying.. look it up). Most Ugandans are so terrified of this nasty disease that with any sign of Malaria there will be a trip to the clinic and a supply of medicine, either oral or intravenously. The reality is that most clinics do not have a large enough supply of testing strips and therefore will treat the patient regardless of whether they have the disease or not. The best way to solve this problem is to take preventative measures. With the right preventative steps it is easy to significantly lower your chances of Malaria. My sister and I spent all of last year in Uganda, did not take anti- malaria drugs and did not get Malaria once. It is important to keep grass cut low and remove any still water near the house. There are also trees that product a natural sap that when lit a citronella type smoke will keep away insects. Freakin cool right?


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