From 2011 — Elections aren’t for everyone

From 2011 — Elections aren’t for everyone…

From a very young age we are taught that holding an election is a fair way to put a person in a position of power. At any age voting in America is seen as a right which allows us to voice our opinion in an open manner. Whether it is for captain of the football team, student body president, or president of the United States voting is always regarded as an exciting moment of change and freedom.
In Uganda elections are seen very differently. In a country where children often have no voice elections can often create an atmosphere of nervousness, and uncertainty.
This February the national presidential elections will be held in Uganda. Many Ugandans wish to simply keep the president in power without holding elections for fear they will cause instability and rioting. Men with sticks have even been hired by the president to beat people up who are speaking out against the current president.
Examples of good and bad election out comes are currently seen all over Africa. With the relatively peaceful elections that took place in Tanzania and Rwanda to the violent reactions after the elections in the Ivory Coast and the protests and demanding the ousting of presidents in Egypt and Tunisia there is no certainty to which way the scale will tip with the Ugandan elections.


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