Who is Achiro Emily?

Achiro Emily is one of the most interesting Acholi women ever. She grew up in the war torn north but because of her strong will and lighthearted spirit, she has had the opportunity to travel to Barcelona through a United Nations program, raise seven children, and fall in love twice. Emily currently lives in Walukuba, a slum of Jinja, but lives in a very different situation than most. She is married to a British man who saw her at a wedding and immediately went to her brother to ask for his sister’s hand in marriage. The couple lives together in Walukuba in a beautiful modern hut. Instead of depending solely on her husband’s retirement fund, Emily wanted to be independent and make her own money. She is a member of the strap bag group. Emily is a wonderful storyteller and sales person. She is helping the group get their “pitch” down and get organized by being the note taker in many meetings. Emily is strong, hardworking, and above all, an inspiration. http://ow.ly/jBEQ3 http://ow.ly/i/1Nfg5


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