It starts with the drums..

It starts with the drums. The drum is the heartbeat. Without the drum we just look
like mad ladies. Next your feet start to move. I’m not sure if my head tells my feet to
move or my feet just know on their own. Next you begin to see a cloud of red dust
moving up from the ground.
All of a sudden the line starts to move. You aren’t very sure what is going on but you
just keep to the drums. The women in front of you begin to move their bodies as if
the head, neck, torso, and butt are separate identities. You try and follow along but
inevitably look like a chicken.
You hear the whistle blow. The whistle tells the women to move this way or that
way. Perspiration starts to form all over your body. The dust starts to stick. You
are dirty, smelly, and overall not attractive but who cares. That is life.. that is Acholi dancing!


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