A throwback blog from Andrea

Here is a throwback blog from the beginning of 2010 when Amber and I first started our journey in Uganda.

It has been over a month since arriving in Uganda. It feels like it has been 4 days. Each day speeds by faster than the last. A typical day for me in Uganda consists of the following:

7 am: Wake up and head into the “office.” A.K.A the kitchen table where my sister and I sit Mac to Mac to begin our e-mailing, accounting, and planning for the day.

8 am: Count millions of Shillings at least twice and try and figure out how we are either 50,000 over or under.

9 am: Breakfast always consisting of something with tomatoes, onions, garlic, and pineapple.

9:30 am: Take a shower and try to avoid contact with the lizard that lives in there. Sometimes a girl just wants some privacy.

10 am: Off to see the tailors:

10:15 am: Succeeding in what we call the Uganda death race, also known as driving to work.

10:16 am: Reviewing what the tailors did the prior day.

10:30 am: Constructively arguing with Charles, our head tailor, about which zipper looks nicer, and that American style isn’t ugly, its just different.

11 am: Putting out a fire. This fire can include one of the following: no zippers, no lining, the power has gone out, no needles, the car has stopped working, someone has Malaria, I am hungry, I almost fell off a boda(Motorcycle). Whatever the emergency is for the day I always get it solved my 1 pm. Just in time for lunch.

1 pm: Head back home for some lunch and planning of the afternoon.

2 pm: Back to work. Afternoons can consist of beading new necklaces, looking thru Vogue Magazine for new bag and necklace ideas, making patterns for new necklaces, sorting scraps by color, rolling paper for beads, and I’m sure this list will grow in the months to come.

4 pm: Market. Finding my way thru the market can take 1-5 hrs depending on what I am looking for, how many of that item I am looking for, or how many things in total I am looking for.

After market is always Dinner. Could be a chicken that was killed a few hours earlier or some veggies and rice in an “African Stir Fry.”

The best thing to do after a big dinner is dancing. We dance along with downloaded “Wii Just Dance” videos. Who needs to keep score? Pata Pata by Miriam Makeba is the house special.


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