Meet: Agnes Lagulu

Agnes Lagulu is a patient and hardworking member of the bracelet group. She is always willing to help other members with their craftsmanship as long as they listen to her and are not being “stubborn,” as she says. Agnes has lived a life of both sorrow and joy. She is a proud Acholi women but with that comes a past filled with war, child abductions, and illness. She moved to Jinja, Uganda, after her sister passed away. She became the caretaker of her sister’s children, got married but then became a widow. Like many people around the world, Agnes takes it one day at a time. She wakes up, gets the children ready for school, cleans the house, and goes to work. What may be different is that Agnes has the support of 100 ladies who have gone through similar experience. They have all decided to trust each other and to start a business together. Agnes has her ups and downs but she lives each day focusing on the positive and leaving the negative behind.


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