You, Your Shirt, and Your Dollars

Quick… without looking… tell me where the shirt you are wearing was made. Close your eyes. Imagine the person who put the sleeve onto the shirt. Where do they live? What kind of place do they work in? Now look at the tag. Well, don’t get naked. Ask someone for help. How close were you? Has the image of the person, place, and work environment changed?

Using our power of our “dolla dolla billz yo” is one of the easiest ways to have our voices be heard. With current technology it is easier than ever to make educated decisions when purchasing products. We would never knowingly throw trash on the floor, poison our water, or promote the oppression of others. Knowing where your products come from and how they are made are two ways you can ensure you do not promote these social problems unknowingly.

Part of A. Bernadette’s mission is to try and find new and creative ways to connect you, the consumer, with the people who make the products we sell.

Gettu Bracelet

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